Top Classics To Read Before You Die

Classics To Read‘Books are man’s best friend’. There is no such proverb which is as true as this one! Even though there are numerous books that are published annually, it is all about finding the best books and making the reading worthwhile. In order to make this decision easier for you, we give to you a list of classics to read before you die. This classic reading list comprises of numerous books which have a deep impact on the readers mind and soul. Although you may read these books in hard copy, these are also the classics to read online. This way you can not only get to read these books but can also do so without extra money being spent.

The List Of Best Classics To Read Is As Follows:


Moby Dick is a book by Herman Melville which is among the most important novels of the 19th Century. It is a story about a sea captain who is obsessed with the idea of hunting down a white whale. Although this book may have been before the 19th century, it found its way into the list of all time classics, unfortunately after the death of Herman Melville.


Considered to be Russia’s first novel, 19 dead souls is one of the wittiest books of the 19th century. The author Nikolai Gogol tells a story of a young man who with the idea of obtaining huge loan from the government tries to purchase the identity of dead peasants who are registered as living in the census data, thus the title ’19 Dead Souls’.


Authored by Charles Dickens, it is considered among the masterpieces created by him. It is a documentation of Victorian London and takes the readers through time to get an experience of the then London. It consists of numerous unforgettable characters and an addictive storyline which makes it one of the most classic novels to read.


In Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe gives an account of a woman who is the daughter of a convict. This woman is so determined to become a respectable and rich person in the society that is makes her take various uncanny decisions in her life making her a bit too familiar with the prison. The character of this young lady is way ahead of the time in which the novel is based but is a compelling and engaging character in her.


Jane Austen’s bestselling novel which has been converted into motion pictures multiple times, Pride and Prejudice is full of romance and comedy from the very beginning. It tends to sum up pretty much everything that may be known to man about romance and the courtship period. Even if you have seen the movies inspired by this novel, it is needless to say that you will be able to read much more that is left unsaid in the motion pictures.


Another bestselling book of all times, Vanity Fair has been authored by William Makepeace Thackeray. He gives a great account of British life. The story is about a young woman Becky Sharp who uses her good looks and charm to bewitch men and extort money out of them.


One of the most loved and appreciated novels of all times War and Peace is not just a book but an ongoing feast that the readers will surely enjoy. The novel is set in the early 19th century which gives a remarkable account of conflict in human relations. It questions one basic aspect of life which is the ability of the person to keep his moral intact even during the adversities in life. The author Tolstoy is often compared with Shakespeare because of the excellence of his works.


Crime and punishment features in the list of must read books because of the admiration it has received. It is a famous book written by a legendary Russian Novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky. The story is about a young student who in his own self righteousness murders a pawnbroker and takes her money only to feel guilty and being caught later on. It is not just a novel but an experience which is sure to stay with you long after the reading.


Written by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is a classic and a bestselling novel of all times. The story of this novel is build up around the life of 4 sisters and takes the readers through the transformation of these 4 girls from children to adults. It is a coming of age novel which highlights the importance of family, love and nobility. Little Women became a critical and commercial success almost instantly. It is a very celebrated book till date and is often recommended to young girls in particular.

This list gives a comprehensive view of the classic novel of all times. These 9 novels form the must read list for every literature enthusiast. Irrespective of the century in which these were written, each of these books is more like an experience rather than just a piece of literature.